6 Signs It’s about time to get a Divorce

You were happy and blissful when you got married but that is not the case anymore. You aren’t happy or satisfied with your current life. You argue with your spouse a lot and while arguing alone isn’t enough reason to get a divorce, you might need to consider it if you notice the following signs frequently.

1.You don’t see yourself growing old with your spouse

If you imagine your future and see yourself as succeeding in life, having a wonderful career and spending quality time with your friends and family but you don’t see your husband or your wife in that perfect future with you and you cannot fathom the idea of you growing old with your partner. That is a the initial sign you need to look out for which will tell you when to contact a divorce lawyer.

2.You want to stay alone more often

If you notice yourself staying alone rather than spending time with your spouse, then your marriage may be falling apart. You prefer to spend time with people other than your partner and feel yourself totally devoid of emotions whenever you’re with your husband or wife. This might not be as serious as you think and while you may not need a divorce lawyer just yet, you certainly need marriage counseling.

3.You won’t reconsider even if your partner changed

Your partner might be aggravating you and get annoyed and irritated by every little thing he or she does. You have started to notice all of their flaws and imperfections which you didn’t see or didn’t matter when you got married and you want a divorce now in spite of the fact that your partner is willing to change.

4.You have too much resentment for your partner

You argue with your spouse all the time regardless of the reason is a definite sign that you need a divorce. These arguments stems from resentment you harbor for your partner and often your fights turn bloody. You cannot resolve resentment by counselling and you might be harming the kids if you have any by delaying the divorce.

5.Or you just don’t care anymore

Contrary to arguing, if you and your partner have stopped talking to each other then it’s clear as day that your marriage is over. You don’t care even if your partner does things that usually made you annoyed. You have stopped fighting and feel completely drained and tired all the time.

  1. You have tried marriage Counseling

All these problems in your marriage life have lead you to marriage counseling but even a professional could not help you to resolve your issues with your partner. You should give up on this marriage and stop trying to make things work when they clearly aren’t working for you anymore. Marriage counseling is the last option married couples resort to when they are having a hard time keeping their marriage intact and if even this has failed that’s your cue to get a divorce.